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wiggly proof of the awesomeness of the universe.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Biscuit meets the Phelps “family”!

I Dare Say


Here I am.

It’s exactly how I feel.

What? Oh Hell No.

HOT PONY ACTION (with results)


How free time gives you room for such unthinkable thoughts. And such thirst for stability. As if being a drone working for a microcephalic employer was in any way a comfort to my life. Of course it wasn’t. But I want to speak about truth. And I want happiness. Let me continue to deny any […]

Am I Happy?

Are you? What is it to be happy? Is it simply the absence of despondence? Why the fuck have I been waking up so early? Aren’t you glad I have a blog so that you can read my pointless vague drivel? I’m sorry.

That’s What You Get

I told you to stop crying