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wiggly proof of the awesomeness of the universe.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Biscuit meets the Phelps “family”!

I Dare Say


Here I am.

It’s exactly how I feel.

What? Oh Hell No.

HOT PONY ACTION (with results)


I wonder about myself sometimes. I am amassing a small medieval weapons collection. Don’t tread on me, or some shit. I’m glad to have these things, even if they are just symbolically protecting me during this uncertain time in my life.


How free time gives you room for such unthinkable thoughts. And such thirst for stability. As if being a drone working for a microcephalic employer was in any way a comfort to my life. Of course it wasn’t. But I want to speak about truth. And I want happiness. Let me continue to deny any […]

Am I Happy?

Are you? What is it to be happy? Is it simply the absence of despondence? Why the fuck have I been waking up so early? Aren’t you glad I have a blog so that you can read my pointless vague drivel? I’m sorry.