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Monthly Archives: November 2008

oh god I love you so much

And now, the best animal in the whole world. Do not poke the beautiful mole with a stick, you bastards. Release the beautiful mole from the tupperware prison.

Visiting a Certain Petaluma Cheese Company.

We failed at getting a tour and looking at goats. Did not see a single goat. There were a few suspicious cows on one side of the highway, and two chill, sweeter-seeming cows on the other side of the highway. Here is a suspicious cow’s butt. But since we were there to see ungulates, we […]

I Love John Berger

Here he speaks on Palestinian identity.

Oh Fuck Yes.

This video just won the internet. Watch only if you can hear it.

SaveABunny fall Party 2008

Oh, the soft fluffy cuteness, we almost died of it. There were Flemish Giant rabbits there! This one’s name is Hoss. Srsly, we barely got out with our lives. I feel lucky that we survived to see another day, and yet I still feel irresistibly drawn back to the twitchy, furry noses and perky little […]

Stay tuned

For dispatches from the Bunny party.

Re: Time and the fourth dimension

The video in my last post described the author’s idea of what humans would look like as 4-dimensional beings, namely that we would resemble long snakes, with a fetus on one end and a corpse on the other. This is not an entirely original idea, Kurt Vonnegut wrote about it in Slaughterhouse Five, effectively blowing […]

An “exciting” video.

I actually do get kind of “excited” when I watch this video, it’s just that the kerrr-chung! sound effect used throughout gets to be a bit much.

Yes, yes it does.


I was in Japantown, about to swoop up 2 of the last 3 styrofoam beakers of chilled, ambrosial San Jose Tofu, when I was struck with wonder and amazement by a richly emblazoned molester van. Check it. Then, I looked inside. OMFG