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Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Perry Bible Fellowship

is quite simply the finest webcomic in the history of mankind. If you have not already, do yourself a favor and peruse the prodigious archive. Unfortunately, the artist Nicholas Gurewitch is no longer regularly producing these bittersweet strips, perhaps he ran out of scary.

Jesus Christ

Uncanny valley in full effect, y’all. I am quite disturbed by this.

Wet Wilbur.

Just got back from a trip to Wilbur hot springs with my friend Kim. Logically, you would think that such a romantic, peaceful weekend would have a rejuvenating effect upon my personage. Well, this is where you would be wrong for a number of reasons, not least of which is that I tend to be […]

Look out

For notes and possibly boring pictures from the imminent field trip.

Another dead genius.

Buy this movie, and buy all of this man’s music, because A. Arthur Russell was a fucking genius and his music is going to take you to a happy place, and B. his partner Tom Lee, who is in charge of Russell’s estate, deserves your money for supporting Arthur and enabling him to make lots […]

Awesome Idea

Do you ever just feel like writing erotic poetry, and then have it immediately rendered farcical and ludicrous, which it probably already is anyway? Me too. That’s why I love Let Them Sing it for You. Because my thoughts are not retarded enough already.


I am reading Cock and Bull by Will Self. In the first novelette, a woman grows a cartilagenous but functional little cock out of her urethra, and proceeds to become first a murderer, and then a serial rapist of men. I must admit parts of the story are pretty hot, but I shudder to think […]