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Uncle Feynman Explains Fire

Alright, this is the last story before bedtime.


Hello, this is how I feel

I feel like taking and taking. I feel like I want everything. Because I feel like my life was ripped from me while still attached. So I just laid there bleeding for awhile. Then I got up hungry for what was missing. Now I’m still hungry. Who’s got something for me?

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Probably schizophrenic.

Re: Time and the fourth dimension

The video in my last post described the author’s idea of what humans would look like as 4-dimensional beings, namely that we would resemble long snakes, with a fetus on one end and a corpse on the other. This is not an entirely original idea, Kurt Vonnegut wrote about it in Slaughterhouse Five, effectively blowing […]

Awesome Idea

Do you ever just feel like writing erotic poetry, and then have it immediately rendered farcical and ludicrous, which it probably already is anyway? Me too. That’s why I love Let Them Sing it for You. Because my thoughts are not retarded enough already.